Tuesday, February 9, 2010

PIF - Pay it Forward

I was inspired by the this post to start my own Pay it Forward chain!  I will send a special surprise gift to the first five people who do the following:
  1. Choose five items of your own to give away. The items can be books, handmade items, craft supplies, art, knick-knacks, or whatever you choose.
  2. Write a post on your own blog offering the five items to five people who do the same.
  3. Come back here and leave a comment with your e-mail address and a link to your PIF blog post! 
My surprise gifts may contain any the following items (depending on what I'm able to track down in all this mess):  craft supplies, a book, stickers, clippings, ephemera, stationary, blank cards, old stamps, trinkets, and lots of love.

    Vintage Valentines

    I love vintage cards, and when I am able to purchase a scanner, you are in for a delightful treat!  Upstairs in my attic, a whole box of cards from the past 60 years awaits.
    For today, I have a nice present for you!  I found these images years ago, and they were free for taking, so here they are!  I hope you use them for your special someone!




    Happy Early Valentine's Day!

    Sunday, February 7, 2010

    rikrak studio blog & good news

    I won a contest on the rikrak studio blog, and my prize is a lovely scarf from the beautiful bridget etsy store!

    You should most certainly check out both the beautifulbridget etsy shop and the rikrak studio blog! Rikrak has a congratulatory entry featuring a kind blog nod for me! I recently found the blog through a link to the Handmade Olympics, which was a contest to celebrate the world of handmade items! There were multiple categories, such as "our favourite handmade goodie that inspires loveliness and wellness. Nominations were accepted (and I nominated some of my favorite items from etsy shops in each category), and the results will be here soon, so watch closely! I can't wait!

    Rikrak also has an etsy store, which has handmade items featuring my favorite: vintage fabrics!
    This design-your-own sustainable quilty clutch purse has the most amazing fabric selection:
    I think I like c14 or c15 the best!

    The fabrics remind me of the fabrics my mother and granny had in their sewing collections.  My granny was a seamstress for her entire life, and she made most of her children's clothes when they were growing up, as well as sewing for customers.  She taught my mother how to sew and my mom, in turn, made most of my clothing when I was growing up, as well as many other handmade items!  She was able to stay at home with me when I was young because she used her talents to sew for others.  I loved having my mom at home because she is such an inspiring and creative person and she always made sure that my every day was a day of inspiration and beauty. My mother has now worked for the past 20+ years, but she has begun to create again and will soon open an etsy store.  I will keep everyone updated about this.  She will sell handmade raggedy ann and andys, as well as other fabric dolls, made with vintage or vintage-inspired fabrics.  She will also sell the most beautiful and unique dream catchers, antique silverware mobiles, children's room fabric decorations and mobiles, and many more items.  Keep a watch on my blog for updates!
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