Tuesday, February 9, 2010

PIF - Pay it Forward

I was inspired by the this post to start my own Pay it Forward chain!  I will send a special surprise gift to the first five people who do the following:
  1. Choose five items of your own to give away. The items can be books, handmade items, craft supplies, art, knick-knacks, or whatever you choose.
  2. Write a post on your own blog offering the five items to five people who do the same.
  3. Come back here and leave a comment with your e-mail address and a link to your PIF blog post! 
My surprise gifts may contain any the following items (depending on what I'm able to track down in all this mess):  craft supplies, a book, stickers, clippings, ephemera, stationary, blank cards, old stamps, trinkets, and lots of love.

    1 comment:

    Spellflinger said...

    Such fun! I've set aside 5 handmade cards for my own PIF...... http://imadethis-spellflinger.blogspot.com/2010/02/handmade-cards.html

    Let me know if you'd like one! I like the element of surprise with yours!

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