Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New This Too Shall Pass video

Wow, OK Go is really going all out with this new album:

I am mesmerized by this video.  It brings back some sort of childhood fascination brought on by Sesame Street animated videos, the game Mousetrap that I played with my neighbors, a Discovery Toys marble run set I loved, and a fascinations with all things domino and marble related. 
I really hope OK Go keeps this up and creates many more amazing videos.  I'm glad there are still musicians out there who really put thought in their art. 


Billie said...

The Discovery Toys marble run is called Marbleworks and is still a hit after 2 decades! Check it out, along with all the other award-winning Discovery Toys products, at www.toysofdiscovery.com

Dave Brock said...

Geez, I've got to start paying more attention! I'm glad that I found you on a posting that has "This Too Shall Pass" in it because I've heard your mom say it a thousand (or million) times at work. Thanks for your support and I can't wait to follow you along your own unique life trail.

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