Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mad Men

I love Mad Men , which premiered Sunday night on AMC. I watched it yesterday, and I will have to say that I'm not suprised that Don Draper is up to his old ways, but I am disappointed that the pregnancy didn't bring him closer to his family. The flashback scene at the beginning about his birth, while he was boiling MILK (not too subtle...) made me think he was going to straighten up, but of course, it is a drama, and what would it be without the, well, drama.

I made a few Mad Men avatars, as you can see to the left! You can join in the fun by going here: Mad Men Yourself

I didn't see enough of Joan or Peggy in the episode. I wish there were side movies about all the other character's lives that AMC posted on their website.
Here I am hanging out with Joan and Peggy in the office. Peggy is looking a bit... thin... to say the least, AND apparently the AMC avatar people forgot her promotion when they were creating this little tool.

You can choose from numerous backgrounds, including one with many of the cast admiring your entrance to the office. There are also many clothing choices and extras!

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Chrisy said...

Yes love all the fashions and the decors in this series...

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